Mysore Palace Entry Fee

Mysore palace

Entry Fee:

Adults (Indian)40
Children (Indian)20
Adults (Foreign)200
Children (Foreign)100


The palace is open from 10 AM to 5:30 PM, from Tuesday to Sunday. It is closed on Mondays and all government holidays.


Mysore Palace, also known as the Amba Vilas Palace, is located at Palace Road, Mysuru, Karnataka 570001.

Things to do at Mysore Palace:

  • Visit the palace museum, which houses a collection of royal artifacts and paintings.
  • Take a tour of the palace grounds, which include a garden, a temple, and a swimming pool.
  • Watch the Sound and Light Show, which tells the story of the palace and its history.
  • Enjoy a traditional Mysore meal at one of the palace restaurants.
  • Explore the stunning architecture and intricate design of the palace.
  • Witness the grandeur of the Durbar Hall and the royal throne.
  • Enjoy the beautiful gardens and landscaped surroundings of the palace.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to visit Mysore Palace is during the winter months, from October to February. The weather is more relaxed and drier during these months, making it more comfortable to explore the palace grounds. The palace is illuminated with thousands of lights, and a grand procession occurs at the Dussehra festival.

Interesting Fact about Mysore Palace:

  • Mysore Palace is one of the largest palaces in India.
  • It was built in the 19th century by the Wodeyar dynasty, who ruled Mysore for over 600 years.
  • The palace is a blend of Hindu and Islamic architectural styles and is considered one of India’s most beautiful palaces.

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