What Are The Delectable Dishes Served By KFC In Chennai?

Chennai, a place recognised for its affluently aesthetic culture and vivid cuisines, has warmly welcomed international fast-food chains. One of the famous food chains among them is the prominent KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). It is known for its delicious and crispy fried chicken and has become a go-to place in Chennai for those looking for a heavenly taste of secret recipes. In this flavourful journey, we will discover the unique dishes that Kentucky Fried Chicken serves in Chennai, holding the significance of its unique mix of global delicacies and regional choices.

Dishes You Can Get in KFC in Chennai

1. Chicken Rolls- A Crispy Delight

The crispy chicken rolls are prepared with the essentials of chicken breast mixed with different vegetables and spices. The outcome is completely fragrant and appetising in each feasible way. Chicken rolls also make a very good food choice in lunch boxes for adults and kids.

Chicken Rolls by Kentucky Fried Chicken come in different servings, such as Classic Chicken Roll & Pepsi Combo, Double Chicken Roll & Pepsi Combo, Classic Chicken Roll Meal for 1, Classic Chicken Roll, Double Chicken Roll, Double Chicken Roll Meal for 1, and Chicken Roll Meal for 2.

2. Peri Peri Chicken-A Delicious Chicken Meal 

Peri Peri Chicken is a flavoursome dish made of any chicken cut immersed in a peri peri sauce, which is called a hot pepper sauce coming from South Africa. If you have never eaten Peri Peri Chicken, it is significantly a big treat for you, specifically with chicken legs. So, now, you can enjoy Peri Peri Chicken in different varieties like 5 Leg Pc and 2 Dips Bucket, Peri Peri 10 Pc Chicken Strips and 2 Dips, Peri Peri 10 Leg Pc & 4 Dips, and Peri Peri 6pc Chicken Strips. All these options are available at KFC in Chennai.

3. Biryani Buckets in Veg and Non-veg

If you order Biryani Buckets from KFC Chennai, the food options served are Classic Biryani Combo, Smoky Grilled Biryani Combo, Popcorn Biryani Combo, Classic Chicken Biryani Bucket in large size, Popcorn Chicken Biryani Bucket in large size, as well as Veg Biryani Bucket to savour your taste buds.

4. Chicken Buckets- Combination of Different Meals in One

KFC’s chicken Buckets come in varieties like the Allu Arjun Combo, All in One Bucket, Stay Home Chicken Bucket, Ultimate Savings Bucket, 5pc Smoky Red Chicken Bucket, Mingles Bucket Meal, and 6pc and 8pc Hot Crispy Chicken Bucket. By ordering these buckets from Swiggy- the best food delivery platform you will save more and enjoy your dishes from the comfort of your home.

5. Box Meals-Lick Your Fingers With Tasty Chicken & Veg Food

The Box Meals offers various food options, such as an All-Chicken Box (1 Pc Hot and Crispy, 2 Hot Wings, and 1 Chicken Strip), a Zinger Tandoori Box (1 Tandoori Zinger, 2 Hot Wings, 1 Veg Patty & 1 Pepsi 475ml), a Popcorn Biryani Box (1 Popcorn Biryani Bucket with gravy, 2 Hot Wings & 1 Pepsi 475ml), a Veggie Ginger Box (1 Veg Zinger, 2 Veg Patties & 1 Pepsi 475ml), and a Veggie Biryani Box ( 1 Veg Biryani Bucket with gravy, 1 Veg Patty & 1 Pepsi 475ml), for vegetarian and non-veg food lovers alike.

6. Burgers-Best Chicken and Veg Options

In the menu for Burgers, you will get:

  • Family Feast (This feast includes three chicken zingers, medium fries, popcorn, and 1 Pepsi 475ml).
  • 2 Chicken Krisper Burgers ( Offers two delicious chicken value burgers).
  • 2 Veg Krisper Burgers (Has two delicious veg value burgers).
  • Tandoori Zinger Burger (Includes chicken zinger with a delicious tandoori sauce).
  • Mixed Zinger Doubles (Has classic chicken zinger and tandoori zinger).
  • Budy Meal (Serves two classic chicken zingers and a medium popcorn).
  • Veg Zinger Burger (A veg burger with crispy patties, veggies, and a spicy sauce).

7. Snacks- The Best Fun Food

In snacking, KFC provides food varieties like:

  • Chocolate Lava Cake (i.e., Smooth Chocolate cake with a tacky centre- ideal chocolaty end to all meals).
  • Chicken & Fries Bucket (Crowd-favourite combination of 2Pc Hot and Crispy chicken with Medium Size Fries).
  • Popcorn & Fries bucket (Large Size Chicken Popcorn with Medium Fries).
  • Choco Mud Pie (All Chocolate lovers! Say hello to creamy chocolate and cake dessert- which is a must try!).
  • Veg Patty (A Veg Lover’s Delight).
  • Coffee Mousse Cake (A mix of coffee, cake, and chocolate, so what is not to love? You can have this for coffee-licious desires!).
  • Buttered Bun (A soft bun that pairs effectively with all food choices).

8. Beverages- To Complete Your Meal

Apart from the food, KFC also serves beverages to its food lovers. In Beverages, you will get Pepsi, 7 Up, and Miranda cans in different serving sizes to please each taste buds. You can take up any beverages to match your food combos or pick any from the menu provided.

9. Value Snackers- The Most Enjoyable Delicacy

In the Value Snackers section of KFC, you will get different types of snack buckets. These buckets are filled with Popcorn, Smoky Red Chicken, Large and Medium Fries, Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips, Veg Patty, Tandoori Masala Dip, Spicy Mayo, Biryani Rice, and a lot more.

Final Words

With the above-mentioned delightful food choices, it is evident that KFC has effectively mixed its internationally praised recipes with the colourful and varied culinary views of Chennai. From the wonderfully delectable fried chicken to the regionally-inspired rice bowls and different veg choices, the menu of Kentucky Fried Chicken furnishes a wide variety of tastes. The mix of high-quality ingredients, contemporary or innovative offerings, and dedication to regional delicacy makes this food chain a well-known destination for food lovers in Chennai. It invites both locals and visitors to relish the delightful dishes prepared by keeping culinary legacy in mind. You can enjoy all these dishes from your home’s comfort; you only have to order online from Swiggy, which makes your food delivery experience truly enjoyable.

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