Top places to buy iPhone 15 Plus Back Covers

The new iPhone 15 Plus comes in black, blue, green, yellow, and pink. But of course, you’d need a matching iPhone 15 Plus back cover because you don’t want your phone to lose its glamor! Another reason why you’d probably select the best cover for your phone is the glass back, and only a cover can protect your iPhone.

Glass backs get easily scratched, as even though phones will guarantee you a Gorilla Glass back, it isn’t scratch-proof. Major flagship phones are found to get scratched easily because they have glass backs. Let’s have a close look at where you can buy the best iPhone 15 Plus Cases for your phone.

Best places to buy iPhone 15 Plus Back Covers

We know you’re confused and probably have heard people complaining about iPhone covers that lose their style after weeks of use. So no worries, we’ve got you! Read this detailed list of the best iPhone Cases in India:

BharatCase offers these gorgeous covers

MagSafe case with camera protection

Made with polycarbonate which will increase durability and resistance, BharatCase offers these unique Magsafe iPhone 15 Plus cases with camera protection. You’d want a special case that includes camera protection, and also something that fits your budget. The features are amazing:

  • Complete camera protection
  • MagSafe stand
  • Anti-fingerprint
  • No scratch ever
  • Easy compatibility with magnetic stuff
  • Non-slippery

Wireless charging case

Covers should be highly elastic and need to be shockproof, whereas the TPU cover just fits that criteria. So here you go, a wireless charging case made with TPU material just for your phone! Note the features:

  • Camera protection
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Futuristic look
  • TPU and polycarbonate material
  • MagSafe support

Invisible stand case

This cover looks typically like a phone straight from the pocket of Ironman! These are its features:

  • Invisible stand case
  • Prevent dust layering
  • No scratch
  • Shockproof
  • Protect speaker

Shockproof back cover

This brand also releases shockproof iPhone 15 plus phone cases separately that support accidental damage from falling.

  • Complete aesthetically pleasant
  • Complete protection against shock
  • Non-slippery and doesn’t allow accidental slipping
  • Metal kickstand bonus
  • Also supports wireless charging

Check out these covers from Apple

The covers by Apple are premium styled, uniquely made, and crafted by in-house designers. The unique colours, which are externally comfortable to the eyes and have a soothing effect are marketed by Apple.

These covers also have built-in magnets and super-fast wireless charging. Often iPhone 15 plus phone cases get yellow, no matter how flagship they feel and look. Apple has brilliantly mastered this and removed this yellow colour problem from its covers.

Let’s have a look at these flagship covers by Apple:

  • Clear case back cover
  • Completely futuristic look
  • The famous Apple logo gleaming
  • Comes in 5 different colours
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Has Magsafe support
  • Has variants in 12 colours
  • Extremely flexible silicone cover

Bewakoof sells these stylish covers

If you love pop art and funky art, Bewakoof has the best iPhone cases in India. Many people have an obsession with pop-art iPhone 15 Plus Cases, which is more dominant in people who appreciate art. Even Generation Z (popularly called Gen Z) loves art and few brushstrokes on mobile covers. This makes the covers from this platform trending, so check out their covers:

Who Cares Premium Glass Case

Typical for those who love abstract at glass case covers

Legend Myths Premium Case

This cover is the choice for people loving classical Dark Age comics, especially DC comics art

Golden Own Premium Glass Case

A black and golden combination, pure dark art lover

Lost in Nature Premium cover

Perfect for design lovers, as this cover showcases art in the finest form

Starelabs has unique iPhone cases

Real Aramid Carbon Fiber case

This cover is completely synthetic, entirely heat resistant, and has a carbon design. Also, the best thing is you won’t have to struggle to install these types of iPhone 15 plus cases

Aero Mesh Metallic Case

Comes with heat dissipation and a metal case, why don’t you check this one out? Also, this one boasts of being scratchproof

Smoky Black Alpha Case

This one is an anti-fingerprint cover. Not so exciting? So this cover also has military drop protection and magnetic protection. All-in-one!

Ringke India has some cool cases

Fusion Bold

Completely neo-futuristic look has corner pads and is entirely shock-proof. Good for checking out these iPhone 15 plus phone cases!

Onyx Black case

We chose this one because it has a smooth texture finish and better grip control. Also, it’s unique because it’s a patented cover, and has superior grip control.

Fusion Bold Matte

Completely sleek flagship design, anti-fingerprint, and has raised bezel lips protection.

Onyx action painting

This case has a drip painting and doesn’t allow fingerprint smudge. Also, it has better grip control and a matte finish making it a cover worth looking at.


This list will cover all the best places where you can buy iPhone 15 Plus back covers. You don’t need to go wandering anymore to find the best places, and we believe this will save you so much time and effort of browsing for hours!

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