The Ultimate Thong Comfort: A Comprehensive Guide To Beach Thongs For Women

Beach thongs in Australia are personified as a symbol of summer, relaxation, and carefree days spent basking in the sun. But for many women, choosing the perfect pair can be a challenge. It is like a problem-solving task, including a minefield of discomfort, style clashes, and fleeting trends. So, here is a guide that will make beach thongs shopping easier for you. It will help you to find the ideal pair that complements your style and pampers your feet  – all while keeping you cool and comfortable while you enjoy on the sand.

Explore The Ideal Structure Used In Beach Thongs In Australia

These are some of the basic components that make a crucial structure, ensuring utmost comfort of the footwear. 

The Strap: 

This single band, typically made of rubber, fabric, or embellished with beads or charms, separates the big toe and fingers, giving a grip to the feet. It is mostly either a T-strap or in designer straps, while the purpose still remains the same. The width, material, and embellishments all influence comfort, style, and durability.

The Footbed:

This is the platform of the thong where your foot rests. Footbeds can be flat, contoured, or feature a slight wedge for a touch of height. You will find ample structures adding to the variety of shoes. Material choices of these thongs range from basic rubber to luxurious cork, each offering different levels of comfort and traction.

The Sole: 

The soles of the thongs provide traction and protect your feet from hot sand and uneven terrain. Soles come in various thicknesses and materials, with rubber offering the best grip on wet and sandy surfaces.

Check On The Prospects Of Comfort

Comfort is the most important factor when looking for beach thongs in Australia because the country caters to some of the best beaches that no one would want to miss out on due to lack of comfort. So, here are some of the factors making it easy to assess. 


This is one of the most crucial factors. The thong shouldn’t be too loose, allowing your foot to slide around, or too tight, causing blisters. Check the fit through the measurement chart given with the footwear platforms online and know what will fit you right. Moreover, you can wear and check after delivery and return or exchange in cases of any issue. 

Strap Material: 

Rubber strap offers a classic feel and dry quickly, making it ideal for the sand and water area. There are options for fabric too, but prefer it on sand than water. In these, you will also find beach thongs in Australian collection with braided materials that add a touch of style and complete the grip of the footwear.

Footbed Comfort: 

For maximum comfort, choose a slightly contoured footbed that cradles your arch. Flat footbeds can feel tiring after a long run, especially if you plan on walking long distances across the beach. However, this is not the case with contoured footbeds, making it good for the long run. 

Do A Warm-Up With Your Footwear:

Prefer a walk before making these thongs your beach partner to help your feet adjust to the footwear. So, wear them for short walks at home to allow your feet to adjust to the fit and prevent blisters.

Pick The Style That Speaks

Beach thongs come in a dazzling array of styles to match your unique beach persona. Here are some popular options in the collection of beach thongs in Australia that you can explore. 

The Classic Flip-Flop: 

Simple, versatile, and universally loved, flip flops will always remain the first option. Choose from a rainbow of colours or matte finishes for a timeless look.

The Embellished Thong: 

Add a touch of personality to your thongs with beads, charms, or metallic details enhancing the style of the thongs. It is stylish choice for those who don’t limit thongs only to the beach.

The Sporty Thong: 

Featuring wider straps and thicker soles, these beach thongs in Australia are introduced for extra support and stability. This footwear is ideal for beach volleyball enthusiasts or those who prefer a more secure fit for uninterrupted comfort at the beach.

The Wedge Thong: 

Wedge thongs add a touch of height without sacrificing comfort. These thongs can elongate your legs and add a touch of sophistication to your sassy beach ensemble.

The Preferable Material For Beach Thongs In Australia

Choosing the right materials ensures your thongs last through countless beach adventures. Checkout these materials and match your comfort criteria:


Rubber is considered one of the classic and durable materials for beach for its dryable tendencies. 


The Cork material of footbeds provides excellent comfort and conforms to your foot shape over time by adapting to it. Another option is rubber, being a budget-friendly option that offers good traction. EVA foam is also lightweight and water-resistant, making it a good choice for the beach.


Durable rubber with good tread is ideal for wet surfaces. With this, opt for thicker soles for extra protection against hot sand and uneven terrain.

With these, do look for extra features for added comfort and style. 

Features Of Thongs Ideal For The Beach

Being a beach wear, here are some of the special additions to acknowledge:


These thongs feature quick-drying materials and drainage holes in the soles, making them perfect for wearing at the beach.

Breathable Footbed: 

It provides superior ventilation and keeps your feet cool on hot days.

Arch Support: 

Thongs with a slightly contoured footbed or a built-in arch support offer additional comfort, making it perfect for spending hours on the beach. 

Ankle Strap: 

This is an additional feature for increased stability for activities like beach volleyball or navigating rocky shorelines.

If you have hunted for beach thongs in Australia that feature each of the traits mentioned above, then you are surely lucky. But if you are still looking for sources to buy thongs that tick each of the features above, then head straight to Ipanema. These footwear specialists will give you the best choices for your precious time at the beach. So, visit online to explore. 

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