Navigate through Your 1-Year-Old Baby’s Developmental Milestones

While you navigate through your baby’s developmental milestones it is crucial to understand that every baby is unique in their way and grows at their own pace. There is no set rule or benchmark for milestones and babies might reach it a bit early or too late. Vega Baby and Mom readily supports parents through their happy parenting journey. Here are some developmental milestones to look out for as your baby reaches their first year around the sun.

2-Month Milestones include: 

  • Eat, Sleep, Poop repeat, those are some of the major things babies do at this age. Breastmilk is their favorite food at this age. Don’t wait about poopy diapers, You can clean them well using Vega Baby & Mom Water Wipes 
  • Babies turn their heads, preferably when their parents call them by their cute made-up names such as Sweetheart, Honey-Bun, Sugar Boo etc. 
  • Babies can recognize their parent’s faces when they see them continuously day in and day out. 
  • Babies at this age might get bored, who wouldn’t after all when all you do is eat sleep, and poop. You might occasionally feel entertained when your parents think you are a celebrity.
  • Babies can cry when bored if the environment or the activity doesn’t change. They need something stimulating like an activity, a talk or a sensory boost.  
  • Babies at this age can hold their heads up for a few seconds and look out for you while lying on their tummy. 
  • They can now respond to light, sound, smell, and touch and might be startled occasionally too if it comes suddenly.  

4-Month Milestones include: 

  • At this age babies begin to talk back (Just kidding) they begin to babble and talk something gibberish.  
  • Babies look out for the toys around them with one hand. This will help encourage their grasping skills further. Well, keep your hair or any dangling object away at such times. 
  • Babies can now hold their heads steady and unsupported for longer durations. 
  • They see me rolling, the only thing that goes on in a baby’s mind while they can roll over from tummy to their backs and vice versa. 

6-Month Milestones include: 

  • By the time babies are 6 months old they often imitate their parents and try to talk but are just able to make sounds when parents try to motivate babies to talk. 
  • Babies now can sit without support. This is also a good time to introduce them to solid food as they have good neck support now. You can give them fresh fruits to nibble in a fruit and food feeder 

9-Month Milestones include:

  • Unlike many grown-up humans your baby now understands “no” and responds likewise. 
  • Your child now engages in games and activities and understands games such as peek-a-boo as they find it adventurous. 
  • Your baby is now a curious little explorer and looks around at things nearby and try to move or crawl by themselves.

12-Month Milestones include:

  • Babies at this age now have teeth and can form words and can call out saying words like mama, dada, etc. Maintaining good oral care at this age helps. You can use the Vega Baby & Mom Oral care products to promote better oral care. 
  • Babies of this age start to use things correctly and identify shapes and textures. 
  • Babies pull themselves up to stand with support alongside the table, chair furniture etc and may try to walk.

    As you see your baby reaching the developmental milestones, just enjoy each phase and see your baby grow up into a healthy individual. As parents do what is best for your baby, and support them with the right products and right guidance.

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