Co-ords Sets For Women: The New Rage in Women’s Fashion 

Fashion has a way of ruling the entire world with its mere presence and that is why there are so many fashion lovers everywhere you go. Trends come and trends go in the fashion industry but some trends truly make their presence known. One such trend is Co-ord set for women. Co-ords is a short form for coordinates and it refers to a set of matching clothing pieces that come together to make an outfit. It can be pants/skirts with tops and in some cases another layer like a jacket along with them. These matching sets are very fashion forward and the new age generation is in love with them. They are being spotted everywhere from school kids to celebrities and we are simply in awe. Come let’s take a look at what type of co-ords can you find for women in the market, occasions where you can wear co-ords to flaunt them just right. 

Types of Co-ords Set for Women 

Co-ords set with skirts

Co-ords sets that have skirts are so feminine, it is hard to stay away from their allure. Skirts have an old-world charm that leaves a lasting impression no matter where you wear them to. They are also very versatile, you can easily dress them up and down with the help of the right bags and accessories. 

Co-ords set with pants

If you are looking for a trendy yet classy outfit co-ords set for women with pants are your best choice. They look so flattering and have a better overall appeal than wearing a simple jeans and top. So if you are someone who loves their pants, you should check out co-ords with pants. You can even buy these sets online, there are so many options available, just make sure they are by a reputed brand so you can be assured of the quality. 

Three-Piece Co-ords set 

Well whoever said three’s a party, sure knew what they were saying. These sets can instantly level up your fashion game by a notch. These can be pants/shorts/skirt and a top with an added layer like a jacket or a vest. Layering has been a cheat code for styling for a long time and these sets give the perfect opportunity to layer without being overwhelmed by choosing the right pieces. 

Woolen Co-ords set 

Staying stylish during winter can be a challenge especially if you are someone who gets cold easily. Woolen co-ords are what you need in winters to slay whenever you step out of the house. In these sets you will find cozy sweaters paired with skirts or pants which are also woolen. They will keep you warm the whole time you are at any event. 

Mismatched Co-ords set 

Mismatched co-ord sets are a little unconventional, but they are as stylish as the matching sets. They make a bold statement even after being exactly matching in terms of prints and even colors sometimes. These can be sets with same color in different prints or solids in complementary colors. There are other combinations that are trending in mismatched co-ords but these are the most common combinations. 

Where to wear Co-ords for women 

These sets are so versatile and can be worn at a variety of events. There are sets available that are more festive and then there are casual sets, all of them are suitable for different events. Let’s take a look at all the places you can wear these co-ords to: 

At Work: You can carry those co-ords with pants at work and slay all day while you are working. You can style these sets with work totes and formal footwear to create that look with professional elegance. You can even wear sets with pencil skirts, or the sets that have blazers/vests in them to work and look stunning all day. Looking stylish and put together at work can boost your confidence on a large scale and is the perfect way to stand out in the crowd. 

Shopping Spree: Do you want to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time while going shopping. Well you need a stylish women’s co-ord set to do this for you. They can be very comfortable and you can pair them with sneakers or a pair of flats. This way you will look chic without going through the discomfort of weaning an uncomfortable outfit or footwear. 

Formal Event: Formal events are perfect to carry co-ords that are more festive or formal. A chic set with pencil skirt, or an embellished top can be perfect for a fancy dinner date or a birthday party. You can wear a pair of glittery heels and carry a chic clutch to complete the look and slay at the party. 

Date Night: Date nights call for delicate outfits to not just look romantic but also feel the love in the air. If you have a date night planned soon, you can wear a pastel colored skirt set with a cute bag and a pair of stilettos. You will look super feminine like straight out of a fairy tale and your partner will fall in love with you all over again. 


Co-ords for women have proven to be a game changer in the world of fashion, and that too for all the right reasons. They are not just stylish but also super convenient. They allow you to be free of the decision of pairing different pieces to create an outfit. You have the whole outfit you can simply wear it, add appropriate accessories and makeup, and you are good to go. This is such a blessing that all girls can relate to. If you are looking forward to adding these beauties to your closet then you should check out the latest collection of co-ords at Glamly. They have high quality pieces by reputed brands like Camla & Madame and their ordering & delivery process is truly seamless. You can place an order for the outfit of your choice and they will take care of the rest.

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