5 Types of Event Photography in Bangalore

Wondering how many event photography is available in Bangalore? Well, it all depends on how you differentiate them. Although events can be categorized based on themes such as formal, action, and candid, we’ll simplify it for you.

But before we move to these types of events, you do need to understand what is event photography in Bangalore? What makes it different from other photography? And is it challenging for new photographers to do event photography?

Let’s find out –

Define Event Photography?

Event photography encompasses the capture of images at specific events, gatherings, or group settings. While normal photography focuses on individuals and certain objects, event photography focuses on multiple people and moments that need to be captured.

Keeping track of multiple meetups and people parallel in a single function makes event photography Bangalore challenging. Many new photographers often find themselves confused about the different types of photography available and which one best suits their preferences.

Photography is a diverse field, and typically, photographers need to specialize in one particular genre.

Types of event photography in Bangalore:

There are majorly 5 types of events we have categorized based on events we see in our general lifestyle –

  1. Corporate events,
  2. Private events,
  3. Creative events,
  4. Sports events,
  5. Community events,

Let’s explain each of them one by one to help you better determine which one suits you.

Corporate Event Photography:

Corporate events involve conferences, meetings, professional gatherings, seminars, trade shows, product launches, and in-house celebrations. A corporate event photography is a specialization that focuses on capturing the moments and images of corporate events. These images are used for practical or marketing purposes to promote businesses and other activities. A corporate event photography requires professionalism and an essence of delivering high quality images and documenting them.

Private Event Photography:

Private events involve weddings, birthdays, family reunion, anniversaries, religious ceremonies, and engagement parties. A private event photography is a type of event photography that focuses on capturing personal moments of events and are not open to the public. People and lots of families hire professional photographers to capture the happy moments of their gathering and function. A good example can be a photoshoot with birthday cake at a birthday party. Later the images and other moments are shared to the families and individuals after the event with a bit of editing touch to enhance the visuals.

Creative Event Photography:

Creative events involve dance, concerts, theater, and stage shows. These events are different from other photography events as they require specialized equipment and skillset. A creative event photography is a specialization that requires an artistic approach to take moment shots and pictures with combining angles, lighting, storyboard, composition and framing. These images are also used for marketing purposes and social media which are shared after post-processing to the team, organizer, and other responsible parties.

Sports Event Photography:

Sports event is a type of event photography in Bangalore which requires high-tech softwares, setups, and grade quality equipment to capture the moments, close up shots, tracking, short clips and images. Some sports events are cricket matches, football games, badminton matches, and chess competitions.  In a note, Sports event photographers help in documenting and preserving key moments for athletes, players, fans, and other media.

Community Event Photography:

Community events involve local festivals, charity programs, fundraisers, cultural functions, and social discussions.  A community event photographer needs to be skillful in technical aspects, social interaction, and sense of humor to keep people engaged in the event. These event photographers document and celebrate the rich tapestry of different communities. Community event photography generally involves group photos, people photos enjoying together, and key moments of meetups.

Final Thoughts:

Bangalore as a city of corporates and large population of comparatively high income people brings opportunity for photographers to either become corporate event photographer or private events photographer.  Moreover, other types of event photography also have the potential to establish their own distinct positions. Additionally, the photography types mentioned in this article can not only be categorized further but also expanded into more specific subcategories. If you are also looking for event photography in Bangalore, why don’t you try Klicpic. These are professional photographers with rich experience in a variety of event photography including corporate, private, community and others.

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